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Learn the many ways you can volunteer at The Good Samaritan Center of Loundon County.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in donating your time to help others in need, please contact Cindy Black, Executive Director, at 865-986-1777, Ext. 12.

All positions require training prior to being placed on “Active Duty”.

* Front Desk Receptionist *
Greet incoming clients, provide applications and perform other duties as described in the full job description. When someone in need enters the doors of GoodSam, the first thing they are looking for is a smile and a kind word. We are looking for compassionate and loving individuals to apply for this very important position at GSC.

* Intake Counselor *
Works with incoming clients, makes assessment of client needs and performs other duties as described in the full job description. Those of you that are compassionate, patient, willing to learn and become knowledgeable about Loudon county human resources would be excellent in this position. It’s a plus if you’ve had previous experience as a counselor or social worker. A WILLINGNESS to attend a once per month 1-hour training and resource update meeting is required. It is preferred that GSC Intake volunteers can work a minimum of two shifts per month.

* Pantry *
Fill food orders as they come into the pantry from an Intake Worker. Stock shelves and perform other duties as described in the full job description. Those of you that enjoy being a part of a “winning” team, filling food orders for those in need will find this role very rewarding.

* Speakers’ Bureau *
Be willing to speak on behalf of the Good Samaritan at various churches, civic groups, clubs and any/all other requests. Those of you that enjoy public speaking and believe in the mission of the Good Samaritan would find gratification in this role.

* Special Event Planning Committee *
Be willing to assist in the creative planning and implementation of upcoming events and fundraisers for the Good Samaritan. This is a great opportunity to put your creative energies to work. This role promises to be rewarding and fun, as well as offering the opportunity to meet and work with others.

* Commodities Volunteer *
These volunteers work on a quarterly basis; four times a year they put together bags of food to be distributed to housebound, elderly and handicapped individuals. The food is provided by Mid-East (USDA). You should be able to lift at least 10-20 pounds or more bags.

* GoodSam’s Angels *
We need our “Angels” to come into GoodSam (as needed) to do tasks that our regular cleaning staff does not perform. This would include “serious” dusting of desks, file cabinets, dust bunny detectives to remove dust and particles increases of fabric furniture, clean stove and refrigerator, disinfect telephones and other “touchable” items as needed. We would like our team of “Angels” to come in once a month basis for about 2-4 hours.

* Chefs For GoodSam *
You don’t have to wear a chef’s hat, you just have to have a willingness to help the Good Samaritan with food preps, table setting and serving lunches, dinners and other duties as assigned for GSC’s fundraising events. Not only will you have the opportunity to give of your time to help others, but we can promise you good company and an enjoyable time. This position is on a non-call and as-needed “basis”.